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Cycle Egypt is the biggest group for cycling amateurs in Egypt. Our aim is to spread the idea of using bicycles as mean of transportation instead of cars, Bicycles don't pollute the atmosphere, don't create traffic jams, and bicycles are used as the main transport in many countries around the world, so why not we do the same in Egypt ? Also bicycle expenses are much less than car expenses, in addition to the healthy effects of cycling for us.

We also want to spread Cycling as a sport as well, road races, mountain cycling, cycling trips, and cycling carnivals.

We also aim to create a community for cyclists where they can communicate with each other, share experiences, and join different activities. We also aim to create community service events and to help Egyptian athletes.

Centralized in Alexandria and Cairo, those two hubs serve cycling amateurs all around Egypt.

Weekly Cycling rides are organized around the year. The goal of the rides is to gather as much cycling amateurs as possible. Some rides we gathered above 1000 participants in order to show people that there is a strong cycling community in Egypt in order to pave the way for cycling culture to spread amongst the Egyptian community.


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